How you can reduce your insurance costs.

Some property insurance carriers in south Florida offer premium discounts when condo associations that take steps to protect the physical integrity of a building in the event of storms or flooding.
Wind mitigation features, listed below, make a building stronger and help it withstand these forces.
– Doors, shutters and windows built to withstand wind pressure and projectiles
– Roofing materials and coverings that shield your building from wind and rain
– Attachments to prevent the roof from being blown off by severe winds

Wind mitigation features that are documented by a wind mitigation inspection may help you qualify for discounts on your owner’s or renter’s insurance policy.

The Flamenco office has copies of a 2016 wind mitigation inspection certificate available which you can submit to your insurance company. Some, but not all, insurers will accept our association certificate and discount your premiums significantly. Other carriers may require you to obtain your own certificate.
Don Meyler Inspections (800-469-0434 Option #1) will do an individual mitigation inspection at a cost of about $75. They will give you a 2012 form 1802 which most insurance companies, other than Citizens, require. Citizens currently accepts Flamenco’s commercial form.

Also ask your carrier if they will give you a Monitored Fire Alarm and/or a“water bug” discount. When Flamenco’s alarm system was updated last year, speakers enabling the guard desk to communicate with you in the event of a fire. At the same time, two water bugs or tiny sensors were installed in each unit, one by the refrigerator and one in the AC closet. When these sensors are exposed to water, they sound an alarm at the security desk reducing the chance of a major flood. Certification that you can submit to your insurance broker showing that Flamenco has both a monitored water bug system and a Monitored Fire Alarm system, as well as a copy of our wind mitigation inspection certificate can be found in the attachments below :

Water Bug Cert

2016 Mitigation Report

Fire Insurance Credit